Corporate Gift Packs

Our Glen Breton gift box houses a blender’s malt glass and a mini bottle (50ml) of our award winning Glen Breton Rare (choice of 10 Yr, 14 Yr or 19 Yr). “The Spirit of Nova Scotia” is what we pride ourselves on and makes a perfect corporate gift. Starting at $29.95 this is one of our most affordable products, particularly for large groups.

Custom labels can also be created for your organization and/or personal needs.


Personal Private Label Bottling

This is perfect for when you have a special celebration coming up. Let us help create a perfect gift for you and your organization by putting your own label on a bottle of Glen Breton Rare 750ml.

Option 1:

Bottle/Year: Glen Breton Rare Special Bottle with your label on front of bottle and inscription/story on back.

Box: Special Label Black Box with your label

Option 2:

Same as above but with special wooden box. Engraving available for box.

** Pricing options can be structured to fit your needs




New Make - Aged in American Oak Barrel

Approx. 25 US Gal/43 litres Absolute Alcohol
Approximately 120-130, 750 ml size bottles

Aged PRODUCT in American Oak Barrel


Approximately 53 US Gal/100 litres absolute alcohol
Approximately 280, 750ml size bottles