Battle of the Glen- 15 Year Old- 43% 750ml


Battle of the Glen- 15 Year Old- 43% 750ml


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Gold Medal winner, Best Rest of the World Single Malt Whisky 13 Years & Over, Whisky Magazine, 2011

Release Date: June 09, 2010

When the Scotch Whisky Association launched its law suit against Glenora Distillers in 2000, shortly after the release of its first bottling proudly called "Glen Breton Rare", a media frenzy soon followed in newspapers, magazines, and online newsletters, forums, and blogs.  North America's only Single Malt Whisky distillery was a hot topic amongst the whisky and local cultural communities. 

Upon victory in the summer of 2009 it was decided to dedicate a bottling to celebrate this epic battle so fittingly called the "Battle of the Glen.”

Tasting Notes

A rare dissolution of gold - at break of dawn, the first brushing of the sun upon the snow-covered lakes of the Bras d’Or;

Subtle, summer-cut applewood, with undertones of Highland honey;

Taking by surprise, come the waves of malt, powerful, but without overbearing, then a complex orchard of flavour;

Rich, almost lubricious mouthfeel, The malt withdraws into heat, resolving into the warm caress of an enduring companion, Peat character is very subtle - rather wisps of hardwood smoke, evoking memories of autumn leaves;

The play between lightness of the whisky and the strength of the malt is a work of harmony and mystery.

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